Today Again Attacked America 26 Was killed

एक हमलावर ने प्रवेश किया और अंधाधुंध गोलीबारी शुरू कर दी.
America attacked

America has been on a church in Texas. Inside a Baptist church in Wilson County, Texas, an attacker entered and started firing indiscriminately. In which 26 people died and at least 20 people were injured. According to the information, the attacker has been killed. Among the people who died in the church, the priest's 14-year-old daughter is also included. The injured have been admitted to nearby hospital. Some of the seriously injured people have also been airlifted.

President Donald Trump is currently on a tour of East Asia. Trump tweeted that he was monitoring the situation from Japan. Trump tweeted, "God bless the soul of those who died in the attack in the Church of Texas. FBI and other officials have arrived on the spot. I am in Japan but my eyes are on this matter. "

According to eyewitnesses, an unknown assailant suddenly bursts in the church and started pouring gunfire on people praying there. Within the last one week this is the third major attack in America. However, no terrorist organization has taken responsibility for the attack.
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Web Title: Attack on church in Texas in America, 26 deaths, Trump says- Look at the situation

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