If You Answer To This One Question, You Will Get This Big Reward

Big Bug Bounty Programme

A bug bounty program is a deal given by many websites and software developers, through which individuals can get recognition and compensation for reporting, especially those who are related to exploitation and vulnerability.

Bug Bounty Programme Picture

Now days Increasing cyber attacks, not only at the consumer, are also troubled by Internet service providers across the world. New steps are being taken to stop these attacks. Now Google has launched a new initiative to launch a scheme for consumers to take cooperation. The company has launched a bug bounty program for this, under which the company is encouraging Internet users to find flaws in the Play Store. The company will also reward 65 thousand rupees for users looking for a drawback.

Google has also experimented with several innovative purposes to successfully operate the bug bounty project at a wider level. The company is running the Google Play Security Reward Program in collaboration with Hackron. The entire Google Play Ecosystem will benefit from the program being run with the aim of increasing the security of the Google Play app.
Google has tied up with Hacker Cyber Security Researchers for its bug bounty program only. This is the largest platform for the security of the cyber sector that is constantly under attack. Under the program being run by Google, the shortcomings in cognition will be removed with the help of Researchers.

Facebook Is Also Running Such A Program

Given the cyber security, Google is not the only company running such a program. Many other big companies are also running such programs, which can further strengthen the security of themselves and consumers. This link also includes the name of the social site Facebook.
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