Sirin Labs Launch The World's First Blockchannable Smartphone

The company, Sirin Labs, has launched the world's first block-branded smartphone. Bitcoin Pioneer Hull Final comes with the advanced blockchain and crypto-currency trading algorithm adapted to allow Blackchain Commons in this smartphone. These include many apps like crypto wallet, encrypted communication, secure exchange access. The company is making this phone by running a crowdfunding campaign. The price of the Finney smartphone is priced at $ 999 and it also offers advanced features and specifications like a flagship smartphone.

These features are also special
The Finnish smartphone has a 5.2-inch QHD display screen. This phone is equipped with 8GB RAM and 256GB internal memory. Its back panel has a 16MP camera and a further 12MP camera. It is equipped with Security and Blockchain Aspect custom operating system which works on Shield OS. Android-based has included the necessary algorithm for this device.

Unique phone
Finney is a unique smartphone that can be bought by the company's crypto-currency SRN tokens. Let us tell you that Sirin Labs Crowdfunding Campaign is an offer, which means that you are actually investing in this new form and taking the risk of failure.

Construction of Blockchain Network

This blockchain phone is a good smartphone as well as being a unique one. However, Sirin Labs does not make any sense to promote its product. In this case, the block chance network inside and around this phone is made for the company's own currency. This is to invest in a whole new form of cryptocurrency. It is believed that this smartphone with unique designs and features is going to get the good response from customers.
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