History of Bhangarh

The princess of Bhangarh, Ratnavati was a beautiful young woman whose self-preparations were underway. In the same state there was a Tantric Singhia who wanted to get the princess, but this was not possible. That is why Tantric Singhia made the oil maiden to the princess's maid who brought the market to bring oil for the makeup of the princess. When the oil fell on a rock by the hand of Princess Ratnavati, she started coming rolling on the rock Tantric Singhia and fell on it and killed her. Tantric Singhja cursed the city and the princess to be destroyed when the city was demolished.

Bhangarh, which is called the ghost of the fort. Many people are afraid when they hear the name. This is called Bhangarh of ghosts in a colloquial language. Bhangarh Fort is situated in the Alwar district of Rajasthan. It is believed that it was settled in the 16th century and Bhangarh was flourishing for 300 years, but after that there was something like this that this desolation is lying today. It is said that the whole community including the princess of Bhangarh also died in death. I went. But you know what was the reason for it. This is because of the curse of the black magic tantrik, which is filled with ghosts today.

 The ruins of bhangarh have been preserved by the Indian archeology. It is a matter of fact that where the archaeological department has made its offices in every protected area, the archaeological department has made its office away from Bhangarh for the protection of this fort. is. Know what is the reason for its fall, which is the ghost of today.

It is said that the princess Ratnawati of Bhangarh was very intriguing. At that time, his form was discussed throughout the state and prince of the country's corner was eager to marry him. At that time, his age was only 18 years and his youth had brought his form in his form.

At that time many proposals of marriage were coming to them from many states. At the same time, he once went out to the market with his friends from the fort. Princess Ratnavati reached a perfume shop and she was taking fragrance with her fragrance in her hands.

At the same time, a person from Sindhu Sevda, a distance from that shop was standing and looking at her very carefully. He lived in the same kingdom, but he was a great master of black caste. It is said that he was divorced in the form of a princess, and he was very proud of them.

That is why he wanted to get the princess in any way. That's why he came to the shop and in the bottle of an perfume to which he was liking to disguise the princess. He made black magic in it, but a trusted man told the princess about this secret.

After this, Princess Ratnakavati picked up the bottle of perfume, and slammed it on a nearby stone. The bottle broke down on the stone and all the perfumes were scattered on that stone. Since then, he slipped stones, followed the Tantric Sindhu Sevada and crushed the Tantric, which killed him on his own. Before dying, Tantric cursed that all those who live in this fort will die soon and they will not be able to take birth again and their souls will keep wandering in this fort.

A few days after the death of that Tantric, there was a war between Bhangarh and Ajabgarh in which the people living in the fort were killed. Even the princess Ratnavati did not escape the curse and she too died. After so many massacres in the same fort at one the same place, the faces of death were echoed and even today, in that fort, their souls roam

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