Free Online viewer for PDF, PostScript and Word

    Here Have an online viewer, with which you can view PDF and PostScript files as browsable images and Word documents as web pages. Given a URL on the net or a file on your computer, the viewer will try to retrieve the document, convert it and show it to you. No plugin software is required.

    Here You Will Get Two Option to Read Your PDF File

    WEB view - Fetch the document from the web:
FILE view - Upload a file from your computer:

  • The viewer software is open source, licensed under the GNU Public License.
  • Version 0.3 of the software can be downloaded here: psview-0.3.tar.gz
  • The viewer grew out of frustration over there never being good PDF or PostScript viewers or readers on all different operating systems and computers I use. Initially, the Adobe Acrobat PDF reader wasn't available for Linux.
  • The solution: a web interface! All major operating systems have somewhat functional web browsers available, so now I can view PDF and PostScript files wherever I want, and it can handle compressed files too.
  • Better user interface
  • Convert to different formats
  • Page layout
  • Better error messages
  • Better feedback
  • Increase speed (possibly by only converting pages on demand, instead of converting all like now)
  • View documents in more than 256 colors
  • Page zoom
  • Bookmarklet, Greasemonkey inline link translation

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